February 28, 2010

This February 2010, has begun in Rome the series of 6 seminars for Shiatsu therapist to be taught by Onoda Sensei.
From now until next June, one weekend per month the students will receive an advanced formation regarding the treatment of different pathologies through AZE Shiatsu
These seminars have been organized by Roberto Taverna, President of EJS in Italy and Paola Frondoni, Vicepresident and President of APIS.
This first Seminar was about the treatment of low back pain and wry neck; two of the most common diseases in the Western World.
Aze Shiatsu style is the method developed by Onoda Sensei over the 25 years he has lived in Spain. It's a very completed style that meets characteristics of traditional Japanese Shiatsu and other techniques as stretching and Sotai-Hoc
Find below dates and subjects of the next seminars to be hold in Rome.
If you are interested in join them, please contact the Japanese Shiatsu School:
By phone at: 91 345 71 24 or by email: escuela@shiatsudo.com
March 27/28, 2010
Back Shiatsu treatment in lateral decubitus.
April 10/11, 2010
Diagnosis from the body structure Aze method.
Treating symptoms regions according to kyo and Jitsu.
May 22/23, 2010
Remove the slack.
Pressure and stretching. Relationship with Menken.
June 19/20, 2010
Shiatsu for the sport.
Shiatsu treatment for injuries (recent/chronic)
Physiological stages of the pregnant women.
July17/18, 2010
Shiatsu treatment through abdomen. Ampuku.

The Italian Shiatsu Federation, founded in 1990 by some of the first therapist and teachers settle in Italy, is a non-profit private association that represent the interest of this therapy and those who work shiatsu.
Next April, 17 and 18 in Rome FIS will held a shiatsu congress. Onoda Sensei has been invited to attend it. The issue of this congress will be a comparative of Namikoshi Styles, and a particular treatment with this technique.

International Shiatsu Meeting in France, to be held in Paris next June, 4, 5, and 6, 2010. This event is organized by the Japanese Shiatsu School of France. Onoda Sensei has been invited to attend this important meeting.
9-10h: Welcome of guest, participants, translators and staff.
Speech of the President
Introduction of guest and their programs
(5 minutes per participant, it would last about 40 minutes)
10 to 12: First master course (Gabriella Poli)
12 to 14: break
14 to 16: Second master course (Akimoto Kobayashi Sensei)
16 to 18: Third master course (Susanne Yates)
18 to 19: Roundtable with the speakers. Subject: "The evolution of Shiatsu, from the Japanese origins to the Western World".
9 - 10h: Doubts about the day before course and/ or questions discussed on the roundtable
10 to 12 : First master course ( Yuji Namikoshi)
12 to 14 : Break
14 to 16 : Second master course (Susanne Hoffman)
16 to 18 : Third master course (Jyunichi Kursawa)
18 to 19 : Roundtable. "Women in the XXI Century shiatsu. Shiatsu for and by women.
9 TO 10 : Doubts about the day before course and/or questions discussed on the roundtable .
10 to 12: First master course (Maria Sylvia Parolin)
12 to 14 : Break
14 to 16 : Second master course ( Onoda Sensei)
16 to 18 : International Seminar evaluation
Guests speech.
President's speech.

Next June, 13 and 14, at Rome, it will take place a shiatsu course for the fire department. Onoda Sensei will join them for the delivery of certificates ceremony. This course has been organized by Alberto Polidori (AVIS).


Japanese Shiatsu School, through the Group of students of Valencia coordinated by teacher Julio Ortiz, is organizing a travel to Japan to be realized next July, 2010.
The travel will last 11 days, we will visit Tokyo and Kyoto. Beside we will attend a shiatsu seminar at the Japan Shiatsu College of Tokyo, founded by Tokujiro Namikoshi.
If you're interested in have more information about the travel visit : escuela@shiatsudo.com